Vindex Cognationis is Latin and translates to "defender of the family." We believe that family is worth protecting. And we know that you believe that too. Wearing Family Armory Gear lets everyone else know where you stand on family values and that you're willing to train and develop skills to protect those who matter most in your life.

Woman wearing Family Armory 5:56 Somewhere T-Shirt.We wanted to create a place for families and friends to train together with firearms in order to grow in confidence. Before we opened our indoor gun range in 2015 in Midland, Texas, there were limited venues in the Permian Basin on where to take friends and family to enjoy the shooting sports. But we didn't want to be just "another" place to shoot and blast guns -- we wanted to be more than that. We wanted to be different. We wanted to attract a certain kind of customer to our indoor gun range -- the kind of customer who believes that family is worth protecting, the kind of customer who wanted to be treated with kindness and respect because they themselves are kind and respectful, the kind of customer who wants to be surrounded with others who share good 'ol fashioned family values. And for that reason, we made "Family" part of our name.

Vindex Cognationis means defender of the family.Family Armory is located in Midland, Texas -- in the heart of the Permian Basin. The main economic force out here is driven by the energy sector -- oil in particular. When oil is doing well, West Texas follows. And when there is a bust in the market, it sends ripple effects throughout our  entire community, and no sector of our larger economy remains unaffected. Whether boom or bust, we believe that hard working, blue collar individuals, want to protect their families and want to enjoy quality time with their friends.

  Family Armory Vintage T-Shirt

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